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    First and only expressionist museum in Spain


Hasta el próximo 25 de febrero puede visitarse la exposición Nacerán nuevas auroras de Jorge Rando.

Welcome to Museum Jorge Rando

The Museum Jorge Rando, which is dedicated to the painter of the same name, is an institution which houses the works of this artist from Málaga and whose mission will focus on the study, research, knowledge and dissemination of expressionism, in the broadest sense of the phrase, from the final decades of the19th century to the present. It was inaugurated at the beginning of June.

The main feature of the museum is the permanent collection of the works of Jorge Rando, as well as temporary exhibitions of works by Spanish and international artists of the expressionist movement.
The philosophy of this museum is not just based on holding exhibitions, but also on continual cultural activities such as educational programmes, conferences, talks, concerts and film shows, among other events, all organised by the Jorge Rando Foundation. It has been designed as a museum which adapts to the context to which it belongs, and the distance between the public and the institution is no more than that of a threshold whose door is always open. This museum strips away institutional formality and has a strong belief in its social responsibility.

This institution was not only founded as a place to house works of art and a documentation centre, but as an open space which will be, in the artist’s own words, The living room of art in Málaga. A museum is a public service, a privileged platform for the transmission of cultural and human values.

The work of Jorge Rando is pure force, it is expression, it is a reflection of a personal reality; this results in a cultural philosophy which is homologous to his thinking and which is formalised by means of this Museum. Conscious of the fact that some people are suspicious and distrustful of this artistic movement, the mission and the duty of the museum is to convert that feeling into curiosity, learning and enjoyment, because with the necessary adaptations art should have no barriers for anybody.
We wish to use this Museum as a centre of communication and expression, of reflection and cultural debate, where collaboration with associations, institutions, schools, artists and art lovers is an indispensable and fundamental part. So, with no further delay, we present the Museum Jorge Rando, the artist’s own Museum.
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Opiniones de nuestros visitantes
Birgül D
Martín Pilar
Helen S.

A contemporary artist who takes his responsibility in the society by referring to actual subjects and reminding us to fundamental values of humanit

Birgül D, Germany

Uno de los museos que no te puedes perder en Málaga: el expresionista Jorge Rando y sus obras de arte que te llevan al puro expresionismo alemán.

Martín Pilar, Spain

Impressionante. Jorge rando, filosoof en artist en weldoener heeft een ongekend effect op je met zijn levensinstelling en zijn indrukwekkende expre

Helen S., Holland